Speaker Biography

Yossef Habib


Background: Among the many factors influencing the prevalence of asthma in developing countries from the tropics are geo-helminthic infections. Aim: This work aims to study the relation between bronchial asthma and parasitic infestation in Egyptian children. Patients and Methods: A cross-section, analytical study design was chosen to perform this research on 100 school aged children. All children were interviewed and examined clinically and laboratory. Results: Statistically significantly Negative correlations were found between blood level of IgE and FEV1% of predicted in patients with bronchial asthma as well as patients with parasitic infestation with r=-0.381, -0.325 at p=0.006, 0.021 respectively. Inverse relationship was found between blood level of IgE and FEV1/FVC% in patients with parasitic infestation with r= -0.358 with statistical significant difference at p=0.011. Conclusion: 86%of patients with bronchial asthma lived in urban areas, while 64% of patients with parasitic infestation lived in rural areas. Recommendation: Improving personal and environmental hygiene and regular screening, treatment and health education for children as regard parasitic infections is recommended.